Are there scam's out there I need to be aware of?

Unfortunately, yes. We've come across a number of fraudulent sites that claim to offer ESA Letters, but whose letters are not legitimate, nor comply with US federal and state laws.

The most common type of fraud we've seen are in particular sites that claim to certify service animals (different from emotional support animals) without requiring any formal testing or accreditation typical for that process. The US has cracked down on these forms of fraud. Now they will enact hefty fines – or even jail time – for caught offenders.

These are the clues you should be on the lookout for to spot a scam:
The service does NOT require you to speak with someone live over the phone – All legitimate ESA Letter providers are required by law to ensure that you speak with a licensed mental health professional over the phone or video. If a service asks you to answer questions using a quiz or "exam" but doesn't ask you to schedule a live consultation after, it is probably a scam. Pettable is not a purchase-diagnosis webiste, but instead refers you to a licensed professional who conducts a live evaluation and provides a legitimate ESA letter per their professional descretion.

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    Is there a test for PSD after training?


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