How long does this process take from start to finish and how quickly will I get my ESA letter?

We can turn around an ESA letter in as fast as 24 hours! If you need it this quickly make sure to choose our "Express Service." You can select this option at checkout.

To ensure the fastest turn around possible, it is important that you sign and submit our consent forms at checkout. Additionally, you will be prompted to fill out forms after purchasing. To do this you should check your email to activate your account and complete the requested forms. 

Signing these forms allows us to connect you with a therapist in your state.

We have an extensive network of mental health professionals, licensed across states, with wide range of availability and can route you to someone that is able to meet your timeline needs.

Once a standard consultation is concluded, letters are turned around within 24-48 hours.

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    I would like to know feesĀ 


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